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Welcome to the Under-over-rated blog. In these bi-weekly blogs I will share my personal opinion on 3 different topics that have everything to do with fitness, nutrition and overall health.

In today’s blog I will cover the topics of protein powder, eating right after a workout and eating right before a workout.

If you have any topics, you would like me to rate and cover, put it in a comment down below.

Protein powder – overrated

Let just say that protein powder itself is fine, but in my opinion, it is definitely overrated. It almost seems like it is the cool thing to do, like a ”you don’t belong” if you’re not using it type of thing. What is wrong with eating actual food rather than processed powders?

I am currently using a protein powder supplement but it’s an extra thing I mix into different meals like oatmeal or yoghurt, I never drink a protein shake by itself.

If you’re someone who gets the bulk of daily protein intake from shakes, just ask yourself this question; If you have children, would you be feeding them those protein shakes? Probably not, right? so, why are you?

Final thoughts: Protein powder is very useful but is becoming too popular for the benefits that come with it. It is starting to take over the actual foods we should be eating daily.

Eating right after a workout – Overrated

But I thought eating after a workout was highly necessary? Yes, you’re totally right there, but there’s no evidence that proves you have stuff food into your body the second you’re done working out.

I suggest letting your body cool down from the activity you have just done and then start thinking about eating some food, if you have the time. If you have ever gone through an intense training session, you know that food isn’t at the top of your wish list right after.

Final thoughts: I would definitely recommend eating some high protein food and carbohydrates within 30-90 minutes of working out. If you don’t have time to wait that long choose some foods that easier to digest. Eating post-workout is important, just not immediately following the work out.

Eating before a workout – Appropriately rated

Why appropriately rated? Because it all depends on what your goals are, what your workout looks like and what time of day it will take place.

If you’re trying to burn fat, you might benefit from doing a fasted workout in the morning. While most people who want to focus on performance rather than fat loss, will probably benefit from fueling before-hand.

If you’re going for an easy, zone 2 run early in the morning, you will probably be okay not having any food ( although you might want to consider supplementing with electrolytes before/during the workout). Whereas, your performance will probably be better when going into a hard workout at 7PM at night and eating some food about 90 minutes before-hand

Final thoughts: It depends on what your goals and workouts look like. Fueling before-hand will increase performance for most people. But some people might benefit from fasted workouts if that feels better/ if you’re looking to burn some more fat.

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