10 reasons why you should start lifting weights

There’re so many benefits to weight training. Benefits that have a huge impact on your physical and mental health, your daily life and so much more.

So many people that have never lifted weights before will tell you that it will make you look bulky. Have you ever heard this from someone who actually does lift weights? Probably not, because that person knows it doesn’t work that way/ fast. I would like for a lot of people to open up their believes and trust that going to the gym can do so much more for you than just ”make you look bulky or big”. Today we’ll talk about some of my personal favorite reasons why more people should be lifting weights.

Building muscle mass

Let’s start off with the obvious one and the reason why a lot of people get into weight training in the first place. Building extra muscle mass is hugely important when it comes to our daily lives. Amongst other things, it helps us perform daily tasks better, burn more fat daily and the confidence of feeling good in our own skin. It will take time and commitment to build a good amount of muscle mass, it won’t happen overnight. If that is your goal, it will be worth it.

Muscles and bones become stronger

We’re not just talking about getting stronger but we’re also talking about being less injury prone. The heavy weights you’re lifting force your body to adapt and one of the ways it does that is by strengthening the muscles and creating better bone density. The latter being very beneficial for people who struggle with injuries and/ or breaking bones.

Fighting of chronic diseases

This is an important factor now a days, where so many people sit behind a desk and eat processed foods all day long. Being able to lower your body fat and allow your body to release energy is huge when it comes to fighting the battle against diabetes, bulimia etc.. Your muscle’s ability to store glucose increases with your strength, making your body better able to regulate its blood sugar levels, which helps fight off diabetes.

Feeling happier

Weight/ resistance training doesn’t just give you the physical benefits, it also provides you with very important mental benefits too. Almost every single person that joins our gym tells me that by reaching their goals or just getting a workout in, they feel happier. This doesn’t just mean being happier with how you look in the mirror but also being able to strive and reach a personal goal, whatever that looks like for you. Combine this with all the endorphins that your body releases during/ after your workout and you won’t be able to wipe that good feeling from your mind.

Have more energy

This comes back to my last point, by accomplishing a goal and getting a task done, like lifting weights or getting through a tough workout you will get the feeling that you have won the battle with yourself and the rest of the day will seem much easier. This is all because of the blood you’re pumping through your body. This will allow for your body to bring nutrients and oxygen to your muscles, all while working towards a goal that is true to you. Whether you win the day in the morning, get it done during lunch time or win the battle after work, you will feel such a rush of adrenaline/endorphins that will leave you more energized than tired.

Looking better in the mirror

Let’s be honest this one can definitely not stay of this list. Everyone that does some type of weight training enjoys looking better in the mirror even if it’s not their main goal. Enough said

A Flexible and functional body

Weight training will keep your muscles moving and by doing that you will keep your muscles/ body from becoming stiff. By doing weight training you build up the capacity to perform daily tasks that other people can’t or will take way more out of them. It’s either because their bodies are too stiff, inflexible or just not strong enough. Think of picking heavier objects up of the floor and being able to carry your groceries to the car for example.

Being able to sleep better

So many people struggle with falling asleep at night. Multiple studies have shown that any form of working out has a huge effect on your ability to fall asleep. The higher your intensity is the better you sleep.

Having more confidence

This has been one of the biggest benefits that weightlifting has brought to my life. Being able to walk a little bit taller, with a lot more confidence in myself and my body has been a huge change for my mental state each day. This is not about cockiness but just having a better and more positive self-image, a lot of us can use some of that.

Being mentally stronger

Weight training helps us gain more grit, determination and perseverance. When we get into high-intensity situations, we have a choice, we can either stop everything and return to our comfort level, or decide that this level of discomfort is worth the reward. That decision, that it’s worth persisting through that uncomfortable situation is what contributes greatly to being successful in other situations and parts of our lives.

There’re so many other qualities that I have left out for now that are worth mentioning, but that will be for another blog.

If you’re not working out and/or lifting weights yet, I hope these reasons show you that by working out you will be able to positively impact your life in so many different ways!

Stay positive and keep it moving.

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