I reached my fitness goal, now what?

First of all, congratulations on reaching your fitness goal. A lot of people set goals for themselves but no everyone reaches theirs. In fact, I would argue that most people don’t, which is mind blowing to me. Most don’t reach their goal because they either don’t know how to get there or they aren’t willing to put in the work. I love this example; how many people walk into a gym wanting to get a strict pull up? I know a lot of them, but who actually manages to get them? I don’t know a lot of those people unfortunately. This is just one small example of people not reaching their fitness, but hopefully you’re not one of those people. Hopefully you have reached your goal and now you’re wondering where to go from here. That’s a good problem to have.

Time for a new goal

Why would you stop by reaching your goal? Why not set a new goal? Setting a goal is what got you excited to train in the first place right? whether that was shaving 5 minutes off of your 5K time, adding 20 kilos to your deadlift or losing 10 kilos. Your ”new” goal doesn’t always have to be new, sometimes maintaining is what people want to strive for.

Let’s say you have finally lost your 20 kilos and you feel like losing more would only make things worse, not better. For that person, maintaining is the goal going forward.

For some of us it’s time to look for a bigger mountain to climb. Let’s say your goal is to deadlift 20+ kilos more. When you finally reach that goal months down the line it will be very hard to be satisfied with that and not work for more. Achieving a goal is so addictive and it makes you want more. When you’re looking for that bigger mountain to climb be smart about where you want to go from here and the time stamp you put on it.

Be smart about the next step

What made you excited to sign up for a gym and start working out in the first place? Probably because you set that goal for yourself, right? Whether that was reaching for 10kg weight loss or deadlifting double your bodyweight. It doesn’t matter what the goal is, as long as it excites you and is true to you. There’s no point in chasing a goal that someone else wants for you, because it won’t last. Those goals won’t make you go to the gym when it’s raining and dark outside. You need a goal that pushes you out of bed when it’s a Saturday morning, cold, rainy, windy or dark outside.

Let’s say someone else tells me to start lifting more weights because they think I am too small, but I really enjoy running longer distances. Actually, I would love to run a sub-3-hour marathon one day. But that other person told me to start lifting weights, what goal do you think will get you out of bed, excited to train that day? You might push yourself for a little bit while chasing someone else’s goal but it definitely won’t last. On the other hand, a goal that truly excites you is what you’re going to need to get through those days where you don’t want to put in the work.

I am off the opinion that everyone needs a goal that excites them. If you are experienced with working out hard you know how often the days come by when you don’t feel like working out. On those days your goals are going to make you put in the work anyway, because it will bring you closer to YOUR own goal.

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