6 nutrition rules to follow, part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of this series, nutrition rules to follow. Really what this blog should be called is nutrition rules that you COULD follow. There’s already enough people out there that will tell you exactly what you should be doing and how to do it. Instead, I just want to give you the information and knowledge, so you can make your own decisions. One of the worst things to do for nutrition is blindly follow what someone else is doing. Their body, lifestyle and needs are completely different. Even if you’re twins and follow the exact same lifestyle, your body will react differently to the food you take in.

So, if you can, please read through these rules that I have laid out below and think about what you could apply to your own lifestyle.

A healthy balance between fat and carbohydrates

There are 2 camps in this world. Camp one thinks that carbs will make you fat and camp 2 thinks that fat will make you fat. It’s easy to think that anything will make you fat because you can simply cut it out. For example, you can point to an apple and say ”that is making me fat”, so you cut it out of your nutrition. That doesn’t work for most people.

What is harder to do is analyzing your lifestyle and energy expenditure habits and let that decide your nutrient intake. At the end of the day, there are few food groups that will actually stimulate you gaining weight or fat. It’s not knowing what to eat in relation to your lifestyle that will make you gain fat and/or weight.

It’s not about a healthy balance between fats and carbs. It’s about a healthy balance between carbs and fats in relation to your body and lifestyle

Vegetables over fruit

Wait, what? you’re telling me not to eat fruit? No, that is not what vegetables over fruit means. It simply states that most of us should be more focused on getting enough vegetables in. Fruits are way nicer than veggies right? Who doesn’t like to eat some bananas, apples or mangoes? But who loves to eat some nicely cooked broccoli? Obviously there are different vegetables out there and everyone will have their favorites. It just seems like eating fruit is getting popularized way more than eating vegetables. With vegetables you’re getting in a lot more nutrients without the added sugars from fruit. These nutrients are vital to your body’ overall health.

Fit your nutrition around your lifestyle, not the other way around

I started this blog today by telling you that one of the worst things you could do for your nutrition is to blindly follow what someone else does. I am active all day long. I workout between 2-3 hours a day, I stand on my feet for close to 12 hours every single day while actively coaching our clients through CrossFit classes. Do you think my body needs to eat the same way as someone who sits behind their desk all day long and works out maybe 1 hour a day? I really hope you understand the answer is no there.

This is why you want to customize your nutrition to your lifestyle. The reason why I am telling you not to make your lifestyle fit your nutrition is because your nutrition is a lot easier to change around. Changing your lifestyle around depends on different people, changing your nutrition is completely up to you. Tailoring your nutrition to your lifestyle can be as simple as changing your meal timing. Rather than having breakfast at 7AM, maybe have breakfast at 9AM. Rather than having more carbohydrates in the morning, maybe have protein for breakfast and save some more carbohydrates for lunch.

Find what works for your life.

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