My easy banana-oat pancake recipe

OH boy do I love me some banana and oat pancakes! The great thing about these type of pancakes is that the recipes are so simple and you can adjust them very easily to match your own taste. Another great thing about these is that they’re pretty healthy too (if you’re aware of your toppings too of course). You can mix and match different recipes, add different flavors and you can try different things every time you make them. The basic recipe for the types of pancakes comes from simply mixing a banana and some eggs together into a bowl and you can build it to whatever your preference is. This is the recipe that I created for myself that fits my taste but make sure to try other things out and make it your own.

The ingredients

  • 1 medium-large banana
  • 2 medium-large eggs
  • 40-50 grams/ 4-5 tablespoons of rolled oats
  • cinnamon powder (to own taste)
  • protein powder (optional)
  • 10-15 grams of dark chocolate (preference of chocolate is up to you)
  • milk (optional) I haven’t added this in a while
Calories and macros


Step 1: Cut up the banana and place it in a bowl

Step 2: mash the bananas completely, make sure that there are no chuncks in there. Mix in the cinamon powder afterwards (to taste)

Step 3 & 4: Add the oats to your cinnamon and banana mixture but don’t stir it in yet. Add both eggs and then mix everything up together. Make sure that the eggs are mixed in well

Step 5 – (Optional): add and mix in your protein powder. Add carefully because it will dry out your mixture a little bit.

Step 6– make the pancakes: preheat your pan and make sure that it’s hot enough that your pancakes starts cooking as soon as it hits the pan. I like to do one side a little bit longer than the other. I like to bake them 2-3 minutes on one side and than 1-2 minutes on the other side. Add in the dark chocolate chunks before flipping your pancakes over. Never ever flip your pancakes more than once.

Step 7: Add on any topic that you want and dive into this beautifull and healthy stack of deliciousness.

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