How to stop binge eating, my tips

Binging, we all know about it, we have all experienced it and we all know it’s one of the main reasons why we can’t seem to lose the weight or why we’re gaining weight. But knowing and doing are 2 completely different things. It’s easy to say that you’re going to stop binging but when your stomach is growling, there’s no stopping your hand that reaches for whatever is was to grab.

Going into anything without a plan is doomed to fail. It’s like the old saying goes: if you fail to prepare, you’re preparing to fail. Cutting out binging doesn’t work like that, you need a plan, you need to know how you can maintain it.

Binging is the result of feeling hungry, in turn hungriness is a direct result of not eating enough calories and from the right sources. What do I mean by the right sources? Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered a portion of bread to last you until your appetizer/main comes? Has that every really satisfied anyone? Probably not, it might have just made you thirsty instead. That’s simply because it’s a carb, and carbs don’t satisfy us nearly as much as fat and protein do.

Calories are just a measurement we use for the intake of energy. Protein and carbs provide us with 4 calories per gram, fat provides 9 calories per gram. That statistic just goes to show the first reason why fat satisfies us so much more. The second reason why fats satisfy us so much is because it has a minimal impact on our blood sugar level. Protein satisfies us more than carbs because it has less of an impact on our blood sugar level. Our blood sugar level is important because the more it spikes up and down, the more carb/sugar cravings you will get and the more binging you will do.

TIP 1:

So my first real tip? Eat more fatty foods. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that fatty foods make you fat, unless you sit on the couch all day doing nothing. Sources like avocados, cheese, bacon, peanut butter, eggs, beef are great sources of fat and will help you stay satisfied for longer.

TIP 2:

My second tip would be to drink more water or green tea. Often, we get mislead by the feeling of hungriness while we’re actually just thirsty. Green tea has been shown to help avoid cravings.

TIP 3:

Tip 3, give your body time to digest all the food you had about 10-30 minutes ago. It takes some time for food to be digested and delivered to the different areas of your body that are asking for it.

Tip 4:

My last tip would be to stay active while you’re feeling any cravings come up. I have experienced this many of times while doing my intermittent fasting, but as soon as I start working out that feeling disappears. Obviously, if the feeling persists, we might have to look at the 3 tips I mentioned earlier, or you simply need to eat more.

Without going into calorie restrictive diets too much during this one. Sometimes it’s as simple as not got getting enough calories in that makes you hungry. How do you avoid that? Eat more calories from the right sources. As you can see, we came back full circle from the start of this blog. Hopefully you see that binging and cravings don’t just appear out of nowhere and there are different ways of dealing with it.

So next time you feel craving coming up:

  • Eat more fat
  • Eat more protein
  • Replace carbs with either fat or protein (or both)
  • Drink water
  • Drink green tea
  • Eat more
  • Stay active
  • Give your body time to digest

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