Why adding more protein to your breakfast is important

Protein intake is probably the most discussed and argued macronutrient. How much should you be getting in? what happens if you eat too much protein? Does too much protein turn into body fat? How do you get more protein in? Should I be eating more protein? There’re 1000’s of questions just like these surrounding protein intake alone. Not only are there 1000’s of questions but opinions as well. This makes all of it a confusing mess. That’s why I am dedicating some of these blogs to protein specific topics, I am trying to clear up the clutter of uncertainty that is out there.

This time we’re going to cover the importance of protein during breakfast.

Not eating for X amount time

If you’re like 99% of the people on this planet, breakfast is your first meal of the day. This means that you haven’t eaten for x number of hours while sleeping and doing whatever else. In turn, that leaves your body with a period of time where it doesn’t get any extra nutrients in. (If you want to read about the importance of protein, do it here). Since protein is so important for muscle growth, muscle health/healing and maintenance, it makes sense to add more protein to your first meal of the day.

Especially for those who work out on a regular basis, protein intake during breakfast is even more important. Not only does your body use protein to heal itself after a workout but it can also recover faster during workouts (if the protein levels are high enough. Think about doing 4 sets of any given exercise, the first 2 sets will be fine but having a good amount of protein will allow your body to recover well enough before starting those last two. It’s of course the same priciple for interval-based training sessions, really any type of workout where your ability to recover plays a factor.

*What is enough protein? Check it out here

Protein intake is a struggle

For most of us, protein intake is the hardest macronutrient to get in. Nobody struggles to hit the right number of carbohydrates or fat, but we do when it comes to protein. Why? maybe because we don’t make it a priority or maybe because we don’t know where to get it from*. You will make things so much easier for yourself throughout the day by getting 25+% of your protein intake during breakfast. This will set you up well to make good decisions for your health throughout the day. You will have gotten a good chunk of your protein in already and as an extra bonus, it will help you feel satisfied for longer. That is a win-win-win situation right there.

easy, high in protein, delicious

For most of us breakfast is within our control. Unlike the rest of the day, breakfast probably takes place around the same, the same food and same place every single day. You probably eat it at home or before starting work, but the time will probably be the same throughout the week. That is not the same for lunch, dinner and snacks. For those who don’t prepare their meals in advance, when was the last time you ate the same thing and at the same time for 5 days in a row? Probably not right? That is because our day varies, nobody lives through the same day every single day. This is also why meal prepping is such a handy tool for anyone taking their nutrition serious, you will always be in control of your food and nutrient intake.

*If you’re struggling with your protein intake, check this out

Days when you go out for a drink/food

We have all been there. You go out for a couple drinks and you order some fried or fast food that goes nicely with the drinks you’re sipping on. While I don’t recommend avoiding these situations, I do recommend being prepared for it when it happens.

These drinks and the food that inevitably comes along with it are very high in either carbohydrates and/or fat. There’s usually very little protein insight. This is exactly the reason why you want protein to be your main priority during breakfast (and the rest of the day). You’re setting yourself up for success/ avoiding nutritional damage, no matter what happens during those night outs.

*I definitely don’t recommend avoiding situations like these. But I can’t guarantee that by simply adding more protein throughout the day your body will become bulletproof to whatever you consume during those nights/events.

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