You don’t have to follow the nutrition rules

Whether we talk about veganism, the keto diet, the carnivore diet or paleo diet, they all have their own ”rules” to follow. Obviously, when you go vegan meat isn’t an option, when you go keto, you have to limit your carbohydrate intake and when you go paleo there are a whole bunch of other rules you have to follow. But why? Why do we have to follow these rules? Why do we have to give every single thing we do a name?

Before we continue on, if you need help with your nutrition, you should listen and follow the rules that your nutrition coach sets for you. YOU made the decision to get help/guidance. This means that you’re still the person in charge.

When I was using the intermittent fasting method, I always felt like I was cheating the system whenever I strayed away from the beaten path by eating outside of window. But who was I really cheating? Nobody gets to decide what I do or do not eat, when or when I don’t eat, that is all up to us. So why was I feeling so guilty? It’s like we’re cheating other people that are doing the same thing as us. But are you? In my opinion, nutrition shouldn’t be something you do to please or satisfy anybody else. I think we should figure out what we like and what our goals in relation to our nutrition.

You want to be leaner? Awesome, go and do that. You just want to live life but live healthy enough? Great, you get to decide what that looks like for you. What is wrong with eating the way you want to eat and not give it a name? You can most definitely follow a certain diet or nutrition program but why not set your own boundaries and rules that work for you?

Let’s take being a vegan as an example. If you have been used to eating meat your entire life, but after 25 years you go vegan. Every now and then you feel like eating a piece of meat. Who gets to judge you for that? Nobody, because you can make your own nutrition ”rules”. Your own boundaries and rules here could be; I am eating 100% vegan unless I feel like eating a piece of meat instead. And I won’t feel bad or guilty about it because that is my own rule and boundary.

Another example, let’s take the keto diet. While you’re on a keto diet you avoid most carbohydrates throughout the day in order for your body to be in a state of ketosis. But what happens when you have one carb craving every week? The way I see it, you have to decide for yourself, whether you think it is worth going away from your habits by eating that meal or satisfying that craving. If you never give in to those feeling/cravings I can guarantee you will end up hating your nutrition, the foods that you’re eating and possibly the way you look at yourself.

We get so caught up in the opinion of other people or rather the judgement of other people, that we’re scared to make decisions that are in our own best interest. Setting your own rules and boundaries will make you enjoy your nutrition choices a lot more. You won’t feel like you’re failing or disappointing anyone, because you’re the one in control.

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