Why some reach their fitness goals and others don’t

You start your fitness journey because you have a goal or result in mind right? But, from what I see people do in the gym and hear about what they’re doing outside of it, It doesn’t line up with the goals they have set for themselves. Maybe it’s because we start to get complacent and take it easy on ourselves, maybe we don’t know any better and someone never told us differently or maybe we just don’t care that much.

Every person that walks through our doors for the first time gets asked this same question: ”how committed/dedicated are you to your goals?”. If you walk into a gym because you want to, the answer to that question should be a 9 or a 10, why else are you there? A 9 or 10 doesn’t necessarily mean that you should never allow yourself to have a cheat meal or a beer, it just shows what you’re willing to do to get to your goals. Remember that no goals are created equally and different goal require different commitements. Dedication is relative to the goal you’re trying to get to. If your goal is to lose 5 kilos in 3 months, I can get you there without putting you on the most intense ”diet” ever. On the other end, if you’re 30-40 kilos overweight and looking to lose all of that in a healthy/sustainable way over a year or 2, we’ll have to take things a little bit more serious, especially at the start, to get your momentum started.

Now, understand, I am not the judge of the effort that you’re putting in, your results are the judge. If it takes you 2 years to reach a goal that should have taken you 6 months, there’s clearly a lack of effort in one or more areas of your life, other posibilities aside like injuries.

From listening to the people that workout in our gym on a daily basis, the most common goal is to lose weight or fat (or both). Some of them fall in a routine that makes their progress become slow to non-existent. It might be because its harder than they thought it would be, they get comfortable with the effort they’re putting in or they become satisfied with where they’re at. No matter what the reason is, that’s the difference between someone reaching their (fitness) goals and the person that won’t. The person that reaches their fitness goals doesn’t get complacent, tired or impatient, they understand that it’s a longer road leading to sustainable and long-term results. Yes, it will still be frustrating and hard for those people as well, don’t ever think that its any easier for them. It’s possibly even harder for them, depending on the goal and dedication it requires to get there, because they keep on pushing until they reach their goals, rather than settling for where they’re at.

How you do one thing is how you do everything

It’s the most frustrating thing, seeing someone trying to coast towards their goals and then continue to complain about how they’re not getting any closer. Whether its coasting through a workout, their nutrition outside of the gym or even their sleeping habits, I will all add up at the end of the day and make the difference we’re all looking for. Some things might seem small, but every small thing could end up tipping the imaginary bucket over to the ”right or wrong” side.


Every body knows the saying ”Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so why is that so hard to remember while working towards our own goals. Yes, Rome wasn’t build in one day, if the people had given up or gotten complacent, rome would not have been build at all.

The difference between reaching your (fitness) goals and not getting there is consistent effort over time. Just because something is harder or takes longer than expected doesn’t mean you should give in right away. It might simply mean that you didn’t have the right information or expectations to begin with. Do your research before setting goals and make sure you put in backstops for yourself from time to time. *Backstops: check points for yourself along the way to check if you’re still on course to reach your final goal.

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