My goals for 2021

2020, WHAT. A. YEAR. Now that this weird year is coming to a close it’s time to look ahead to next year and set some goals for ourselves. I am not talking about new year’s resolutions here, but goals that you’re going to work for the ENTIRE year. New year’s resolutions are fine but I feel like goals are more powerful and direct. The way I see new year’s resolutions is this: I am going to start eating healthy. This is what a goal is, I have been working on my health for this entire year and I am going to focus on cutting out sugar, by doing that I want to go down 1 clothing size. Like I said, neither are better than the other but you see where I am going with this.

But let’s move on, this blog is not about arguing whether new year’s resolutions are good or not. All I am encouraging you to do is to set goals for yourself. Goals that you’re going to be working towards, that get you excited and some that will keep you accountable. It doesn’t matter what you call them, new year’s resolutions, goals, whatever, as long as you pick them and start chasing them.

For me, I divided my goals into 5 different categories; fitness, health, nutrition, travel and blog. Yes, fitness, health and nutrition are all linked together but totally different when I think about setting goals for myself, it will be more obvious once I start explaining it down below.


I have set different goals for myself when it comes to the fitness aspect of my health, all of them building of things that I have done this year or currently still working on.

  • Back squat double bodyweight (170kg)
  • Clean and jerk 100kg
  • Run a marathon

The double bodyweight back squat is something that I have been thinking about for YEARS and this is hopefully the year I am going to achieve it.


My health goals include the physical goals that I have already talked about but it’s more focused on how I feel physically and mentally. So, here are my health goals for 2021

  • Stay positive, regardless of the situation
  • Love what I get to do every single day
  • Keep stretching/doing mobility every single day
  • Stay injury free (knock on wood)
  • be happy with where I am in life

This doesn’t mean that I am just going to force myself to enjoy what I am doing but I am actively going make changes if I am not satisfied or happy.


Nutrition is an interesting point to set goals for because its ever changing. Whether you’re following the same nutrition/diet plan or not, meals can and will change over time. so here are my goals for 2021.

  • Try out keto-diet for 30 days (for research purposes)
  • Continue with intermittent fasting whenever possible and convenient
  • Stay consistent
  • Don’t put too much pressure and stress on myself

That last point is important to think about if you want to be consistent with your nutrition. If you’re always stressed and worried about what you’re eating you’re probably not prepared and you’re not going to enjoy what you’re doing very long.


This is something that people like me get excited about, traveling and planning of new adventures. Obviously traveling has been very restricted this year and I hope that’s not going to be the case this upcoming year. I always have a goal of visiting at least 2 new places a year, so I won’t use that here. What I will do, is tell you the top 5 countries I would love to travel to in 2021, because I plan on checking off at least 1 of these.

  1. Argentina
  2. South-Africa
  3. Mongolia
  4. Norway
  5. Chile or Canada (road trip from east to West or the other way around)


So now, onto the part where (hopefully) you guys will play a part in, this blog. I am so passionate and excited about the growth of this platform; I love giving out what I consider to be real information and I am glad you’re enjoying it. These are all topics that I am passionate about and I love writing about them. I am pleased with the growth so far, but I always have my eye on the next thing (it keeps me excited and motivated). For this blog I have the following goals:

  • Get the monthly views up to 1000 (currently around 500)
  • Get the total amount of followers up to 500 (we just passed 200 followers!)
  • Keep bringing out real content that is actually help-useful to you guys.

Thank you for the support and interest in my blog this past year and I hope that I can provide you with more and better content in 2021. Thank you for listening!

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