My daily nutrition

Now, before we get into all the foods that I eat every single day, you have to realize somethings. I workout 5 times a week, 5 days are split into two sessions, aerobic/cardiovascular/metcon based workouts in the morning that last for about an hour. In the afternoon or late morning I will hit another session that’s strength/skill focused. On my workout days I have a 45-60 minute stretching+mobilisation routine scheduled in at night. Regardless of what day it is I walk about 40-50 minutes just to get to the gym/work and back. Every Saturday I hit an hour long yoga session as an addition to my evening routine. My rest days are scheduled on Thursday’ and Sunday’, on those days I will stretch/mobilize for about 90 minutes and add an extra hour of walking.

How my nutrition is set up

Since the start of this year I have changed up my nutrition significantly. I have started eating in the way of what we like to call ”carb cycling”. The main focus of carb cycling for me is to refuel my carb sources after my workouts and limit my carb intake during the rest of my meals. During those other meals my main focus is getting in a good amount protein and healthy fats. Even during my first carb heavy meal the focus is still getting a good amount of protein in. Since this whole quarantine/lockdown started I have adopted intermittent fasting , just so that I am able to share my experiences in a future blog. That means I am giving myself an 8 to 9 hour window each day to get my nutrition in and that’s quite challenging some days. I eat my first meal right after I finish up my first session around 9AM and I will eat my last meal before coaching my final class of the day at 6PM. The only thing I am allowed to take in during the other 15 hours is water. No coffee (not that I drink that anyway), no tea, nothing but water. Like I said this will be a seperate blog later on.

If you want to find out more about Carb cycling have a look at my other blog:

So my First meal is usually my carb heavy meal, this is because it makes me recover faster and better so I can hit my next session a couple hours later. My post workout meal for session number 2 still consists of some carbs but the main focus is protein and fats, we’ll get back to the exact amount in a second. Like I mentioned before, the rest of my meals are focused and dedicated to getting in my protein and healthy fats (protein is always the priority even in the carb heavy meals). I eat somewhere between 4-5 meals within my 8-9 hour window, depending on how much time I have. Some days I have to mix and match some meals but I do my best to spread them out over those 9 hours (which is beneficial to digestion), but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

If you want to read more on why I eat the way I do, have a look at:

My nutrition:

Meal 1 (9AM- post workout session 1)

Meal 2 (11:30 AM- lunch)

Meal 3+4 (3PM- post workout session 2)

Meal 5 (5:50PM- dinner)

The overall picture

This nutrition makes me feel great at the moment. I am sure when we go back to normal work schedules etc. that I am not going to hold on to the intermittent fasting but it’s working for now.

If you have any questions about why I do what I do, hit me up on or check out my instagram for daily fitness/nutrition content.

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