My favorite healthy brands

It seems like a lot of people are trying to better themselves by eating cleaner and healthier. One way of doing that is obviously making sure that you eat the right foods to match that. A lot of times however we get so caught up in just choosing the right foods that we forget that not all brands create the same healthy product. Let’s take yoghurt for example. I don’t think anyone would say that yoghurt is considered to be a UNhealthy food, but does that change when the sugar content goes up from 5 grams to 15 or 20 grams (or more) per portion? There are some big differences between brands that offer the same sort of product. Those differences will make a big difference in how you look, how you feel, what number you see on the scale and the way you can perform and live each day. Not only is the sugar content important but also the number of processed ingredients. Processed ingredients create inflammatory responses, which causes your body to be in distress, in turn this means your body won’t feel or perform as well.

Over the years I have done my fair share of research and label reading to find the products that I like best. I am only going to cover the products that make sense for today’s purpose.

Remember, some brands make the same sort of product but not all of those products are created equally.


Let’s start with the example I gave earlier, yoghurt. There’s a big difference between yoghurts and the 2 that I have found taste the best with the least amount of ”damaging” ingredients. The first one is Fage which contains 3.0 grams of sugar and 9.0 grams of protein per 100 grams. The second one is Alpro no added sugar which contains 0 grams of sugar and 4.0 grams of protein per 100 grams. Compare that to a brand like Yeo Valley that offers yoghurt containing 5-12 grams of sugar per 100 grams. Let’s say you have 300 grams of yoghurt, that is a difference of 6 to 27 grams of sugar. That adds up quickly.


What do you typically put in yoghurt? Fruit and granola? That is the answer for most people so let’s dive into this one. The range of sugar content is about the same as the yoghurt. You could end up with 3-5 grams of sugar per serving or you could end up with 10+ grams of sugar.

The one that I have found is called Lizi’s original granola which contains 4.6 grams of sugar per and 5.5 grams of protein per 100 grams. That is half the amount of sugar that most brands offer.

Nut butter

The last one we’ll touch on for today, peanut butter. There’s a variety of different nut butter including: processed peanut butter, natural peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter etc.

To keep it quite simple, there’s one brand I recommend you buy your nut butters from and that is Meridian. The brand with the least number of sugar and processed ingredients.

In the next couple weeks, I will launch part 2. This is when I will cover different brands and foods like energy and caffeinated drinks.

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