What I eat on a daily basis to gain muscle mass without gaining weight

Welcome back to another weekly blog. This week I am showing you what I eat in a day. My food doesn’t vary too often unless I go out to eat. So, you can be pretty sure that this is what a normal day looks like 9/10 times. Before we dive in here, let’s make sure you don’t start comparing yourself to me or follow my exact nutrition. I weigh anywhere between 88-90 kilos and I am trying to maintain this. I am neither looking to gain or lose weight, but I am looking to always add a little bit more muscle mass. I am working out about 3 hours each day, either straight through or divided over 2 sessions. This means my protein intake is higher than most people will probably expect. IMPORTANT NOTE: I am currently not concerned about hitting a perfect number of macronutrients. The only thing I am worried about is getting enough quality food and protein in to keep me fueled.

With this blog I am neither trying to tell you what to eat or how much, but maybe you will find some inspiration here that will help you set up better nutrition for yourself.

In terms of cheat meals, I don’t really care for cheat meals right now. I really enjoy my food the way it is. I live by my own nutrition motto which is; my nutrition is just unhealthy enough that I don’t need to cheat. This doesn’t mean my foods are unhealthy whatsoever but it does allow me to stay away from cravings.

The constant in my nutrition diary is breakfast. Every other meal can be consumed in a different part of the day. Sometimes I am forced to have 2 meals back-to-back, sometimes I can’t eat for 4-6 hours straight. Setting up your nutrition so that is not a major problem is important.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this.

I hope this was helpfull and insightfull fo you.

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