Why CrossFit is effective part 2

With CrossFit being such a new sport there’re a lot of unknowns out there. With these unknowns comes false information. False information like CrossFit is unsafe, CrossFit is random and CrossFit doesn’t work. I am not going to use my blog to fight every accusation about CrossFit. What I do want to do is inform you about what CrossFit can do for you and why it is one of the most effective training methods out there.

I have a saying that I like to use: ”CrossFit is for everyone, but not everyone should do CrossFit”. If CrossFit isn’t for you, that is not a problem because there are so many other fitness methods you can get into that you will hopefully enjoy. If CrossFit isn’t your thing, find what you enjoy and don’t try to pull CrossFit down because you don’t enjoy it.

Alright, enough said. Let’s get to part 2 of this series.

Constantly varied

Too say that CrossFit is random is quite frankly an insult to the methodology and idea behind it all. Yes, there’re bad gyms and bad programming out there, I am not going to pretend like they’re not. But if you have a well-balanced and thought CrossFit program you will see improvements like no other.

CrossFit is not random, the workouts are VARIED, there’s a big difference. Just because the workouts are varied doesn’t mean there’s not structure to programming. For example, you come in on Monday and do a workout of 4 sets of 8 back squats at 75% of your 1RM, next week you might do 5 sets of 5 at 85% of your 1RM. This is not random, but varied.

I could give you examples like this all day long but the explanation would eventually get too messy in this type of format.

The big positive behind variety is that your body needs it to keep adjusting. Your body adjusts itself too whatever happens to it. For example, you will start sweating when you’re hot in order to cool the body down. Because of your ability to adjust, we need a slightly different stimulus during most workouts we do. Your body’ ability to adjust is what makes variety so important!

Fundamental and functional movements

What do we mean by fundamental and functional movements? Think about any and all movements you’re probably doing on a daily basis already or could potentially face throughout your life. Movements like squats, deadlifts and presses are obvious examples of movements we use throughout the day. You deadlift a box of the floor, you squat down to sit on the toilet, you press some of the groceries up to the higher shelve etc. Every movement we do in CrossFit is either functional or supports the functional movements in one way or another.

Not only are we using fundamental movements because of their functionality but we’re also using multiple muscle groups to perform these movements. By using different muscle groups we’re forcing our bodies to work together in unison which will make our coordination a lot better. On top of all this, we’re using more muscle fibers to get these movements done, over time, this will make you stronger.

The better the coordination the less energy spend on performing the movement. In turn, you will be to focus more on lifting heavier and better.

”Men will die for points”

This is one of the foundational pieces CrossFit and especially CrossFit classes were founded upon. Pretend that you’re working out next to someone who is doing the same workout as you’re, this workout is a 3 round and you’re trying to complete it as fast as possible. Do you think you would go faster with someone next to you or alone? I don’t care if you’re competitive or not, you will for sure work harder and faster with someone next to you. Men will die for points comes from the idea of trying to beat the person left and right of you in the class.

Going back to part 1 that I brought out last week, intensity is what drives results. If you complete a workout by yourself in 10 minutes, but do it in a class environment in less than 8, obviously your class workout intensity is much higher. More intensity generally means better results.

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