Intermittent fasting to maintain fitness/ physique during the holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, CHRISTMAS! It’s definitely one of my favorites, if not the favorite time of the year. To me, Christmas and New Year’s Eve represent the feeling of togetherness, coziness, gratefulness and happiness. The time of year where people travel far and wide to be with each other and enjoy a couple of days without the stress and worries that the other 300+ days of the year bring.

Obviously, Christmas goes hand in hand with food, a lot of food! I don’t know how your family celebrates Christmas, but I bet there’s at least some food involved. If you’re like my family, it’s all about food and enjoying it in good company of one another. This is why Christmas is such a great time of the year for me, it combines both of these great things, family and good food.

Of course, we’re not talking about your stereotypical meals, those couple days of the year are probably filled with different kinds of holiday dishes like pastries, cookies and all sorts of sweetness. Not ideal when we’re trying to maintain our health and physique right? Luckily for us there are ways we can maintain most of our fitness and physique by implementing some simple rules.

(intermittent) Fasting

Fasting is a great way to burn off fat while you’re recovering from your sugar hangover. While fasting, you’re allowing your body to reset your blood sugar level, in turn that allows you to burn fat as your fuel source. Your body needs about 12-15 hours to completely reset your blood sugar level, that’s why the 14-15 hour fast to 8-9 hour eating window is so popular for people who implement intermittent fasting on a daily/weekly basis.

How to implement it during the holidays

Getting some movement in while fasting is a great way to burn some extra fat. You don’t have to get an intense workout in, going for a nice Christmas morning run or walk is plenty. If you end up using the (intermittent) fasting method, make sure to fast for at least 12 hours. If you stop eating/drinking around 10-11 at night, you will be ready to go for that Christmas brunch the following day.

The great thing about intermittent fasting is that you don’t have to do it every single day. You can use it whenever you like to, it works the same every time. Simply: you fast for 12-15 hours -> blood sugar levels reset -> body burns fat instead of carbs.

Most people like to get some movement in the morning after eating the huge amounts of food that comes along with holidays like Christmas, so why not do it fasted so you can burn more fat?

You can still enjoy your tea, water and coffee during your fast.

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