What is your ideal weight?

I have gotten this question a lot over the past couple of weeks and I feel the answer applies a lot of people. Weight is something that is super important to a lot of us. For some it’s feeling confident and satisfied with the number on the scale, for some it’s all about health purposes and for some it is sport specific (weight classes). Since you’re reading this blog, you probably belong in group 1 or 2 (or both).

When we think about being confident and content with the number on the scale, we really are more concerned with the body image that goes along with that. If that, is you, imagine stepping on the scale and seeing the number you would like to see, but then looking in the mirror and not being happy with what you see right there. You can see the flaw in just looking at the scale. For a lot of us it’s easy to look at the scale each day and ”simply” chase that number down. Sure, that is an easy way to measure your total weight but what happens when the next morning you have gained a full kilo (2lbs) of weight? It might be as simple as drinking more water the night before and retaining that throughout the night. That is why I always advice people to put more stock into progress pictures (every couple of weeks), rather than (just) the scale.

Alright, enough talk on why a scale is not always the best measuring tool. Let’s talk about your ”perfect weight”.

A different way of measuring weight/progress

Your ideal weight, how to get there

Let’s start by saying that I don’t know what your ideal weight is, but you can figure that out by assessing your own life and weight. Honestly, I am still trying to figure out what my own perfect weight is, because it is ever changing. Does the perfect weight exist? probably, but it will keep changing with the changes in your lifestyle and fitness goals. Let’s say you’re getting ready to run a marathon a couple of weeks from now, you’d want to be a lot lighter than if you are looking to PR your back squat. Goals are ever changing and so is our weight.

The most important aspect of your ideal weight is how you feel. Let’s take the example of running a marathon again. If you’re cutting a little bit of weight to get ready for the race but you feel like you’re super slow, things are not going as well and energy levels are dropping, that weight is probably not right for you. Your nutrition/fitness coach might tell you what weight to cut down to but what happens when your energy levels drop and fitness suffers? That happens because we’re just estimating, you’re the only one who can assess what the right weight is for you.

Self assesment

Your self-assessment starts by being honest, honest with yourself and your body. It is easy to get caught up in our own expectations. If you truly believe that weighing 5 kilos less will change your life, go for it and feel what it does to you. If you feel good at the weight, stick with it, if you don’t, change it.

Keep in mind what I was saying before, your perfect weight is ever changing. Just because you weight 5 kilos less a year ago and you were feeling great doesn’t mean that is the same now. Your life is different, your body is different. You might live a completely different lifestyle than a year ago. You might go to the gym more often, you might have gained some muscle mass, you might have a new job or you might have kids now. All of these things (and any lifestyle change) have an impact on your ”perfect weight”.

Your ”ideal weight” and ”perfect weight” are two different things. Your ideal weight is the number you THINK works well for you; your ”perfect” weight IS right for you.

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