Under-Over-Rated, frozen veggies, ”5 a day”, keto diet

Welcome back to another under-over-rated blog where I discuss increasingly popular topics in the fitness/ nutrition world, and rate them appropriately (according to my opinion and experiences). Over the past 10 years I have tried out a bunch of different foods and different ways of eating to support a healthy lifestyle. That’s why today’s topics will be all about nutrition, more specifically, vegetables and fruit intake.

If you have done at least some meal prepping before you know how tempting frozen veggies are, but what is better? Having 5 pieces of fruit/vegetables a day is probably one of the most well-known ”nutrition hacks” for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but does it work? And last but not least, keto diets. You should have heard at least 5 of your closest friends talk about keto by now, but is it the way to go?

Fresh vegetables better than Frozen veggies

Does anyone know how long it takes for ”fresh” vegetables and fruits to get from the country/region of origin to the store you buy them at? It will take AT LEAST 1-2 week for your vegetables to hit the store, with some products like carrots and apples being stored away for multiple months. A lot can happen in even just those 2 weeks.

Frozen vegetables are pretty much frozen on the spot and that stops all the different processes and rotting from happening. Contrary to popular believe, this actually retains a lot more of the nutritional value then some of the fresh ones.

Final Verdict: Overrated

Having your ”5 a day”

If you don’t know what having your 5 a day means, it simply suggests that you consume at least 5 different pieces of fruit and vegetables during the day.

If you have read some of my previous blogs on nutrition, you know that I am not a fan of giving fruit a ”free pass”. The sugars you get from fruit will be used the exact same as sugar from a chocolate chip cookie.

I always like to look at vegetables as fruit without the same amount of sugar. I think that most people should be eating 1-2 pieces of fruit per day for the nutrients they provide, but I would definitely suggest filling the rest of your ”5 a day” by eating more vegetables.

Final verdict: Appropriately rated

Keto is the best diet

The best diet for who? Someone that works out 2-3 A DAY? or someone that sits behind their desk all day long? The person that is training for a marathon? The person that is getting ready for a weightlifting meet? Or the person that falls in between all of this? Who are we talking about here?

If anything, we should all be aware that our body is different from one another. Even if we were doing the exact same thing every single day, our bodies would still need different foods and nutrients to work properly.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the keto diet is a great way of taking charge of your nutrition but it won’t work for every single person.

Final verdict: Overrated

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