How to set goals for yourself

Working out is easy, fueling your body appropriately is easy, stretching is easy, walking into a gym for the first time is hard. But what will make walking through that door a lot easier? Setting goals for yourself that will hold you accountable.

I truly believe that setting goals for yourself can turn even the laziest person into a work-horse. As long as the goals are something you’re truly willing to work for and make sure it’s important to you, it will drive you to do the work when you don’t feel like it. Everyone can do the work when the sun is shining, you’re feeling good and everything seems to be going right. Just imagine for second that it’s 0 degrees outside, it’s raining and you’re having a hard time at work, everything tells you to stay in bed, but what will make you get up and get the work done? Whatever that work is, it might be an early morning workout before going to work or it might be working on a ”side-hustle” before your main job starts. Whatever it is, your goals will make you get up and get the work in whenever everything else tells you not to.

This is why goal setting is so extremely important for anyone that is looking for real progress and results. Of course, it’s easy to see this purely as a fitness-goal based blog, and that’s what it started off as, but it’s the same thing for everything else we do in life. Why limit ourselves to goal setting in the gym? If setting goals helps you achieve great progress in the gym, why not do the same for work, children, travel and life in general?

So, how do we set these goals? Because it’s not just as simple as picking any random goal and going after it, or striving for what is deemed ”impossible”, because that is a good way to set yourself up for failure and lose your determination.

You have to be passionate

Your goal needs to be based on something you’re passionate about. Whether that is passionate about the process or the end-goal. How long are you really going to stick with your goal if the end result is not really going make you happy? Enjoyment and passion are two of the main driving forces behind any goal. Do you get enjoyment from chasing this goal? At least, is getting to your goal going to make you happy? If the answer to at least one of those questions is yes, you’re probably headed in the right direction and it will be much easier to stay on the right track when things get tough.

The fitness example here would be this; if your goal is weight loss, is that a goal you’re truly passionate about? You don’t have to be passionate about the process, as long as you’re passionate about the result that comes with the work you will have to put in. For this goal specifically, you already know the process might not be the most fun, as long as the reward at the end is worth it to you.

What is the end goal?

Maybe it’s not the surface level end result that your passionate about but the people that benefit from it is the thing you’re after. As an example, you don’t like the job you’re doing right now, but by working hard you know a promotion will come your way soon. with that promotion comes extra money, with that extra money you will be able to secure a better future for your kids, buy a nicer house or go on holiday. See, the promotion might be the thing you’re working towards but it’s really the financial freedom/benefit that you’re after.

It’s the same thing inside the gym. You might not care for a heavier bench press, but you do care about having a better physique or confidence. Well, in order to grow your muscles, you need to lift heavier weights and lifting heavy weights is a great way of increasing confidence. People might only see the accomplishment of lifting heavier weights, but to you it’s about so much more than that.

Combine everything

Obviously, just setting goals isn’t enough. There’re plenty of people who set goals that they’re passionate about but are still not willing to put in the work. Passion will only get you so far if dedication isn’t there. Let’s go back to the start of this story. When it’s dark and cold outside, work is tough, are you still going to put in the work to get to that goal you’re excited about?

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