Why I do CrossFit, part 2

CrossFit, you either love it, hate it or you might not have even heard about it. If you know me, the latter is definitely not the case. Last week, I started talking about my reason behind starting CrossFit and why I still do it to this day. I mentioned that I like to be functional, I want to be good at multiple things and of course, I want to look good naked.

Let’s talk about that second point I just mentioned, I want to be good at multiple things. It’s what gave me the idea of writing this blog in the first place. While I was going through a conditioning workout the other day, I thought to myself: I always want to be able to run longer distances, but I also want to be able to lift heavy weight, do handstands and other things like that. With general CrossFit training you won’t train just one of those areas, but all of them. That’s why we will never be the best at one specific thing (Like Usain bolt at a 100-meter sprint), but we’ll be descent/good at a lot of different things.

Want us to run a 5K? No problem. Want us to deadlift 1,5 times our bodyweight, alright let me warm up. You want us to do some handstand push-ups, alright hold this. Being good at a lot of things, not great at (just) one.

That’s not where it stops, let me talk about some more reasons why I continue to do CrossFit.

Always being prepared for whatever life throws at me

I love hiking, climbing, kayaking and all sorts of things that require me to be active. Every time I look up a fun hike to do, I don’t even pay attention to the fitness level requirement/recommendation because from experience, I know that I will be fine. Whenever I go climbing with someone who’s more experienced than I am, I climb the same routes because my strength makes us for my lack of technique. This is not cockiness, but the reality of what CrossFit has given me and so many others. It has given us a fitness level that gives us the earned confidence of not having to worry about what life throws at us.

In CrossFit we also call this: Prepare for the unknown and unknowable. You never know what life might throw at you next.


I have played different sports all my life, I started off doing judo, transitioned into football and now CrossFit. Even if you don’t enter a real CrossFit competition, CrossFit will bring the competitive spirit out of you. When you’re doing the same workout a long side 5-10 people, trust me, you want to beat the other people. I have always been competitive to an extend but not to the level since I started CrossFit. Obviously, not everyone is and wants to be competitive, but the group class environment raises everybody intensity level regardless.

Push limits

Going off the last point, even if you’re not that competitive, a group class environment will drive you past your limits. You see other people working out next to you pushing their limits, obviously, that will push you to do the same.

CrossFit pushes the message; ”intensity is directly responsible for results”. When you realize that is true, it’s hard to make it easy on yourself while you’re working out. The whole concept of CrossFit is literally all about intensity and push your own limits. Remember that intensity is relative to your fitness level.

Your hard will be different than my hard. Our strengths and weaknesses may not align, but the fight is very much the same for all of us. It will require heart, and dedication. It won’t happen over night, but your time will come with the constant pursuit of excellence.


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  1. I’ve never done Crossfit because I’m still pretty out of shape. I’d love to try it one day to see if I’m capable of pushing my limits. It look badass!

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