My CrossFit and Running shoes review

If you have done any CrossFit specific training or dipped your toe in long-distance running, you know the importance of the shoes that you’re wearing. Shoes can make the difference between a good workout or run and a bad one. Feeling comfortable, being stable, the material of the shoe and the versatility all have a big impact on how you’re going to perform. Now, I will be the last person to say that you need to have the right shoes to perform well, but it definitely will help you out a lot. Just to give you an example, I have added in a lot more long-distance running over the past couple months and until recently I was using trail run shoes for my road runs. If you are familiar with long distance running you will know that it’s far from an ideal shoe to wear for that type of training, it got the job done in the end, but I feel more comfortable wearing the appropriate shoes right now.

I am going to take you through the shoes that I am currently wearing while doing my CrossFit style workouts and longer distance running workouts. I will also talk to you about some shoes that I have worn in the past, that served me quite well too.

Nike Metcon 5’s (CrossFit)

Let’s start off with the shoes that I wear most often, the Nike metcon 5’s. Although I have added in more long-distance running, I still spend the majority of my time doing CrossFit/strength style workouts in the gym and that’s where the metcon 5’s come in. I got these shoes for Christmas, but before that time I had always been wearing the reebok nanos. In my opinion, the big difference between the 2 shoes is stability, I am not the most flexible person in the world so I need all the stability that I can get from a shoe. From the first moment (Christmas eve) I could tell the difference in stabilization that this shoe was going to give me. In my opinion, you get a really good mix off stabilization, flexibility and lightness (which is good for workouts that involve running) with the metcon 5’s.

I don’t recommend using these for running only workouts because that’s not what they are designed for. They are made to be versatile and not focused one specific area of fitness, that’s why it’s a great CrossFit shoe. The shoes give you enough stability for your heavy lifts while being comfortable enough to run in during CrossFit style workouts. I would recommend buying a seperate pair of running shoes if you’re running distances over a mile long.

Saucony Freedom 3 (Running)

My newest running shoes, the Saucony Freedom 3’s. Before buying these shoes, I had spent multiple hours researching what shoes were right for me. I wasn’t looking for the most expensive or cheapest shoes, I was looking for a shoe that fit my running style, can handle my running workouts and most importantly, gives me a good amount of comfort while running long distances.

I think I have found all of that in these shoes. Are they perfect? No, they are not but that’s not what I expected from them. If I was looking for the ”perfect shoe” (if there is such a thing) I would probably have to spend 2 or 3 times the amount of money (no thank you).

The cushioning in these shoes is great and I felt an immediate difference from the shoes that I was wearing before. I felt way more comfortable and stronger, I could immediately sense that my power output was going to significantly increase in comparison to my previous shoes. I do tend to heel strike while running longer distances (a lazy habit I think), which is important to keep in mind when following my advice on this.

I would definitely recommend these shoes for anyone running longer distances a couple times a week and who isn’t looking to break the bank.

Reebok nano 8 (CrossFit)

Probably the most comfortable workout shoe I have ever worn. The first time I stepped into the nano 8′ I felt the immediate comfort of the shoe. I wore these shoes outside of the gym or a regular basis because they’re so comfortable. If your main concern is comfort, I can highly recommend these. The nano 8’s are a good option when your workouts incorporate running, jumping, skipping etc.. I used these shoes for over a year and they finally started to show the wear and tear, which is not surprising considering the fact that I didn’t use them for gym workouts only (these shoes have survived A LOT).

So, why did I switch to the Nike metcons? Personally, I like the brand and image behind Nike a lot, I agree with what they stand for and in my opinion that’s super important when supporting a company. Another reason why I made the switch was, with comfort usually comes the lack of stability. It’s not that the nanos are unstable but it’s more the fact that Nike is just better in that department (in my opinion), like I pointed out before, I need all the stability I can get.

Nike trail Pegasus 36 (Running)

I bought these shoes on a whim because I was in dire need of some running shoes, when out of nowhere I decided to add in longer distance running into my training.

I was looking for something fairly cheap but comfortable enough. Well, as you can expect from the name, these are trail running shoes, not road specific shoes. I had worn another pair of Pegasus’ a few years back and they were some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever had, so I thought these would be the same thing, not paying attention to the word ”trail’ in the name of this shoe-line. Although they definitely served their purpose as well as could be expected, I should have bought road specific shoes in the first place.

I can only imagine what these shoes can do when they’re used for the purpose they were created for. I am going to be visiting a lot of different trails in Scotland in a couple weeks’ time and these shoes are definitely coming with me. I think it’s a testament to the quality Nike brings to the table, while these aren’t road specific shoes, they served me well until it was finally time to buy some road specific shoes.

Nobull trainers

If you’re not familiar to the CrossFit scene you might not be familiar with the Nobull brand and that’s a shame. This brand is relatively new but their products are top notch. Before buying these shoes, I bought a couple t-shirts and those are my favorite shirts to wear now.

When I put these trainers on for the first time, I was a little bit disappointed because they felt a little bit stiff and uncomfortable, but after wearing them for 30 minutes they started to loosen up more and more. Now, after wearing them for over a week they are as comfortable as I expected them to be. I worked out in these shoes for the first time yesterday, I wasn’t even aware that I was wearing shoes, that’s how comfortable they are.

Like I said before, I think it’s important that you agree with the image behind a brand if you decide to support them and I absolutely love what this company is all about.

If you’re looking to buy shoes of a brand that creates super high-quality products but maybe not as big or famous as Nike or Reebok, I can definitely recommend this company for any of their products (not just shoes).

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