Why did I become a CrossFit/ personal coach?

I would love to tell you this passionate story about the exact moment I knew I wanted to become a CrossFit/ personal coach but I honestly don’t recall having that moment. For me it has been the accumulation of constant development within the fitness world. I have fallen in love with the amazing physical and mental transformations that it provides for people ( including my own). It has been the continuous growth of knowledge in this space that has kept my interest over the past decade. With the continuous growth of knowledge and information comes the respect and understanding that you’re never going to have all the answers or knowledge. There are so many different streams, areas and disciplines when it comes to the fitness world and I try to take something from every single one of them. The fitness world now a days (especially CrossFit) requires you to be well rounded, not just physically but your knowledge as well. I try to live my own life the same way, I never settle for being good at just one thing but try to be decent/ good at a lot of things. Clients expect you to know a bit about everything and they expect you to have an answer to all of their questions. The fact that we have to expand our knowledge every single day so we stay up to date and our knowledge stays well rounded is why I have fallen in love with CrossFit, Fitness and movement. There’s no end to learning new skills, information, knowledge and finding your own opinions about certain things as we continue to grow in this space.

Before reading the rest of this blog it’s important to understand this: I love and I am obsessed with all types of movement. I don’t just love spending time in the gym with a barbell in my hands. I love climbing, hiking, kayaking, any physical outdoor activity really, yoga, boxing, jiu-jitsu and I incorporate techniques and principles from all disciplines that I know of. I am not trying to attack anything or anyone with my story. This is not a story that’s trying to convince you to change your beliefs or thoughts, but rather just a story of how I came to be the person/coach that I am today.

From the age of 12 to about 14-15 years old I really wanted to dive head first into the world of hotel management. It must have been because I was enjoying my own holidays so much. I remember the moment I stopped dreaming about being a hotel manager as clear as day. It was about a year or so before high school graduation. I was sitting (more like laying) down on my coach, all alone without anyone else being at home and without any hesitation I realized that’s not what I wanted to do. I just could not see myself wearing a suit, telling people what to do and dealing with issues that I couldn’t care less about all day, every day.

I have loved playing sports all my life. Was I ever the best athlete? hell no. But my love for sports is/was so big that I decided to give that route a shot. It didn’t feel like a back up or 2nd choice but I wasn’t 100% sure if it was exactly what I wanted to do, it felt like a safe choice. The college I went to was definitely not a dream school or necessarily enjoyable experience, it was a necessary experience, it pushed me through to pursue the fitness world more. I have never been a person that learns things by listening to other people talking, I have always preferred the physical/ hands on experiences. That’s why I valued my internships and real life coaching experiences way more. Like I said, my college experience was the complete opposite of what you see in movies, don’t get me wrong though I understand that there are certain things you can learn or understand better by reading books and listening to people talk. It’s just not my preference. Maybe that’s why the fitness world was so appealing to me. It gives me a chance to learn, grow and develop myself continuously while doing a job instead of sitting down in a classroom.

There are 3 main reason why I stepped away from the ”conventional fitness world” and stepped into the Functional fitness world in the form of CrossFit. One of the things that became very clear to me while finishing up my first fitness internship that lasted about 2 years, was that I did not want to promote and stand for anything that I do not agree with. That’s why I stepped away from the ”regular fitness” gyms and found CrossFit. There’s nothing wrong with working out in a regular gym, I just don’t want to promote and deliver the approach that has taken over a lot of the fitness industry. To me it seems like most conventional gyms mostly care about their clients results because it brings money in, rather than caring about the clients results and goals because that is what’s going to benefit their clients lives (their health, mood, relationships etc.). This might seem like a rant, but it’s an important part in my story and why I turned to functional fitness in the form of CrossFit.

Another reason that pushed me into CrossFit/ personal training was that the coaches genuinely seem to care about their clients and there health. When new people walk through our doors for the first time for their intro session, we tell them to come in at least 3 times a week. Not because that’s what is going to keep them around so we can make more money, but because we know that is what’s going to benefit the person more and keep them motivated to keep changing their lives for the better. If they’re unable to come in during the classes, we try to figure out a different way that is going to benefit them.

The 3rd big reason why I decided to join the CrossFit coach community is because of the difference in attitude while coaching classes/ individual members. This also ties into the last 2 reasons, CrossFit coaches care a lot about how people move. If someone gets injured under our watch that’s going to make us feel shitty, because that means we didn’t do everything in our power to warm someone up properly or making them aware of the flaws in their movement patterns and fix them. I am not saying that conventional fitness trainers don’t care but it’s easier to overlook or you might not even hear about it because there are so many people around. In a conventional gym setting it’s easy to overlook bad movement patterns or worse, you might not be able to spot the flaws. Speaking from my own experience, a lot of trainers that work in conventional gyms don’t hold any certifications or background in fitness. Another big problem that I have seen happen over and over again is, that the employees that have been around for a while get so comfortable that they only keep an eye out for the ”big flaws” or injury prone movement patterns. When we’re focused on just the movement patterns that are causing acute injuries we’re missing the patterns that translate over to injuries later on in life, things like bad body structures, compositions, bad back, bad knees etc..

All the experiences and things that I have seen happening within the entire fitness industry have pushed me into the direction of Functional fitness. This is part of my story and main reasons to me becoming the fitness/CrossFit/personal trainer that I am today. Is any type of fitness perfect? no. What makes it great is that everyone gets to belief in their own thing and pursue that

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