Let’s talk about common dieting myths

We all know someone that is following a popular ”diet” or it might be you who is following one. It seems like every couple of months a new and so called ”better” diet pops up out of nowhere and takes the fitness world by storm. Think about the Keto, low carb, low fat, high protein, cavemen and paleo diets. These are all examples of diets that are out there today and there are about a thousand different ones just like that out there. Some diets seem to be able to stick around and stay popular for longer periods of time, longer than some others and I think that’s because the people who follow those diets discover that it’s sustainable and the results actually last. This is where we hit our first myth, if it’s sustainable it’s no longer called a diet.

If a diet is sustainable, it’s called a lifestyle

Diets are focused on getting you somewhere temporarily and on the other side we have what’s called lifestyle change which focuses on (you might have guessed it already) changing your lifestyle. Generally speaking diets are not sustainable because it requires you to make drastic changes to you nutrition that will get you to a goal quickly. The down side to this is that it makes you to go back to your old patterns and habits because the changes are so drastic. This is the main reason why I don’t agree with the word diet and how easy it is for people to throw the word diet around. The fact of the matter is that a lot of you out there are actually not following a diet but a lifestyle and trust me you’re much better off. By following something that’s actually sustainable you create results for yourself that will last for a long, long time. Isn’t it nice to work towards something and hold onto the results when you finally reach it instead of losing it all over again? (and with that either losing motivation or having to start over again). Ask yourself the question if you’re willing to work towards something and lose it again in the end, is it worth the effort?

Certain foods help you burn fat? Not every calorie is worth the same

It’s not the foods that will help you burn fat but the macro nutrients within the food that will do that for you. It’s all about transitioning our body from a carb burning machine into a well oiled fat burning machine and how we do that is by fuelling our body with mainly proteins and fats rather than carbohydrates. This is why a calorie is not just a calorie, it 100% matters where that calorie intake comes from. If I would start eating 2000 calories worth of sugars each day or instead 2000 calories worth of protein you can bet your ass that my body is going to look very different. It matters where the calorie comes from because that determines what fuel source you body is going to tap into. Looking to burn fat? start by eating more proteins and fat and you will see that your body is actually going to burn more fat as a result. Let’s not kid ourselves however, if you want real results you will have to spend time on eating well and working hard in the gym or doing any sort of workout routine.

Skipping meals, a good idea? Absolutely not

What do we think skipping meals is going to do for us? Lose weight or fat? No it’s more likely that your mood is going to suck because you’re hungry and your body is not functioning properly because it’s not getting the nutrients that it needs to do so. On top of all that the chance of us grabbing some shitty foods to snack on later in the day is going to skyrocket. Skipping meals might seem like a good solution at the time and might make you feel good and powerful in the moment but there’s probably nothing worse that you can do for you body. Just fuel your body properly with the right foods and there’s absolutely no need to take any meals away. I am not talking about people who are doing intermittent fasting because they’re not actually missing any meals, just cramming it into a shorter time frame.

Want to lose your belly fat, love handles or thunder thighs?

I am sorry to tell you that it’s not up to us to decide where we shed our layers of fat first. The good news is that if you commit to a lifestyle change you can be about 99% sure that all of that is going to happen for you instead of just targeting one area. The best we can do is gain more muscle mass in the areas that we’re trying to ”target” but that’s about it. If your nutrition is right it will do most of the work for you.

Carbs make you fat? Eat low fat foods only?

So if carbs make us fat and we should avoid fatty foods than that idea suggests that we should only be eating high protein foods throughout the day. While it is important to get a good number of calories from your protein intake, it is definitely not the only source you want to be getting it from. Carbs don’t make us fat, timing them wrong, eating shitty foods and not doing anything all day long is going to make you fat. Timing carbohydrates right (preferably after a workout) will allow you to actually burn more calories because it temporarily spikes up your metabolism. Avoiding good fatty foods is only going to create a counter effect because that means that your carb intake is going to be higher, this is unavoidable because we have established before you can’t just fuel your body by eating protein. Eating more fats throughout the day will make your body tap into your fat storage for fuel, keep you satisfied longer and keep your energy levels up throughout the day, just to name a few minor points right there.

Saying that carbs make you fat or that fatty foods should be avoided is just an excuse for people that like to look for shortcuts because it’s simply no true. It’s easy and appealing to believe in because it doesn’t require any work. Only is it not true, if you do avoid these foods you might actually be setting yourself back instead of setting yourself up for success.

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