Why are diets not sustainable?

If you typ in: ” how to lose weight quickly” on google, thousands of articles will pop up (over 690,000,000 to tell you the truth) and they will all happily tell you how to do it. What they don’t tell you in their articles and blog is that nobody has ever sustained a diet and that’s because it’s physologicly not possible.

Let me explain

When talking about diets we are always thinking about losing weight but there are 1000’s of diets out there for you to gain weight, cleanse the body and whatever other physical goal you’re chasing. They’re all called diets because they are temporary, I think most people go into diets with the assumption that they will be able to hold onto their newly found way of life at the end of their ”diet”. If this is true , it’s not a diet but it transforms into a lifestyle. Lifestyles are sustainable, diets are not, it’s in the name.

All diets are focused on getting you somewhere temporarily, where a lifestyle gives you the results for life. Diets are not sustainable because that’s not what they were designed and created for, they’re created to get you to eat differently for a period of time. It’s getting you to eat more, less or just different based on what you’re looking for and this continues on until you reach your goal. But what happens after that? If you plan on going back to eating the same way as you did before and by doing that going back to the way you were before than why even go through all the trouble to get to this point (this is why diets are not sustainable)? This is the point with diets, they’re giving you temporary fix to your problem or goals. Are you holding onto the ”diet” that got you here and transform it into a lifestyle or are you moving on and letting the diet fall behind you?

You can turn any and all diets into lifestyles when you commit to it for a longer period and truly start to live that way. We’re talking about committing to something to the point where you’re not thinking about the choices you have to make on a daily basis because it’s so ingrained into your system. In a way you’re in charge of making the decision what category you fall under. Are you doing this temporarily and with that gaining achievements that are short lived? or do you want to make it a lifestyle and with that gain achievements that you can hold onto for the rest of your life? Whatever the reason for starting your diet or lifestyle is going to influence your answer to that question but at the end of the day it’s your choice to make.

The one thing to take away. If you are sustaining a nutrition pattern, however much you want it to be called a diet, it’s not, it’s a lifestyle.

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