Creating a positive self image

If you’re thinking that I am super confident about my body because I have been on this fitness journey for the past 8 years than you’re mistaken. I am writing this because I know so many other people feel the same way. Maybe you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or maybe you’ve been working out for over 10 years, it doesn’t matter because feeling some type of way about your body is something we all do whether it’s positive or not. All of these feelings get enhanced by social media because everybody sees the fitness models and the people that are not afraid to take their shirt off and there’s nothing wrong with either one of those things. I am just saying that it lowers a lot of peoples self confidence when it comes to their bodies. If this is a big reason why you feel a certain way about your body, tell yourself and understand that Instagram is a highlight reel of someones life and it won’t give you the full picture of their life. This is why I think it’s up us to change our thoughts about ourselves, it’s nobodies fault that you’re not happy with what you see in the mirror. If you want to change your opinion and thoughts about yourself than go workout, start eating healthy, believe in yourself and you will see over time that your body and opinion about yourself changes maybe not day by day or week by week but it will eventually.

There’s no point in disliking your body or having a negative image of your body in mind, especially without doing anything to change your situation. Personally, I love my body but I am critical about it because it’s important to me what my body can do and how it looks. You might have the same or a different opinion about your body for different reasons but whatever your opinion or reason is, it should not stop you from trying to change that opinion if it’s not a positive one, either physically or mentally. Whether that’s stepping foot in a gym and workout or having a good look at yourself and appreciate all the amazing parts about your body. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to feel good about yourself, go for a walk, run, swim or whatever gets you moving and going.

Time to reevaluate If you are in the gym already and you’re not sure if you like what you see in the mirror. You might be unsure about your results, you might be questioning if what you’re doing is the right thing for you. I am not just talking about the people that have just started their fitness journey, one could argue that it’s more likely to happen to people who have been on their journey for longer because they think more progress could and should have been made by now. If that’s the case for you maybe it’s time to analyze what you’re doing inside and outside of the gym/ wherever you get your movement/training in. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing your results will never be as spectacular as someone who loves to do what they do and gets excited about it (the more you’re involved with something the better your chances are for succes) . Also ask yourself and be honest with yourself, are you putting enough energy in, especially outside of the gym to get to your happiness and goals? If the answer is no then maybe it’s time to change up your approach or ask for help but never think or believe you can’t get there.

Alright let’s get back on track, this blog is not necesarily about chasing your goals in the gym but more about being happy with your own health, fitness and body.

Comparison is the thief of joy Whether people like to admit it or not, everybody that’s inside a gym is there to work on their physique. It might not be your main goal or even the reason you started in the first place, but it will start to creep in to your mind once you start off even if it’s just a little bit. I also know that I am not the only one feeling some type of way about my body and I think that’s okay. It’s okay to want a better physique or better health or whatever it is that you’re chasing, but we have got to be careful to not get carried away to much by other peoples opinions or what you see online and be grateful for what you have. I know it’s easier said than done, but we have to realize that we’re our own person and we don’t live inside someone else’ body (this is me talking to myself).

Every time I feel some type of way about my physique or performance I try and remind myself of where I started so many years ago and all the things I am capable of doing now and I couldn’t even imagine doing back then. Theodore Roosevelt once said: ”comparison is the thief of joy” and he’s absolutely right, if you’re always comparing yourself and chasing someone else’ results you’re never going to be happy about your own body and your own results.

I absolutely love this saying as well: ”There will always be someone stronger, faster and smarter than you. This saying should not bring you down but it should make you realize that you’re you and you’re great but it also should make you realize that everybody has compared themselves to someone at some point (you’re not alone in this). Like I said there’s nothing wrong with chasing goals, (I do it every single day) but do it because it’s your goal and your body, none of us are on the same paths and our bodies are all so different (as they should be).

Some of my steps to a positive self image

  • Surround yourself with positivity I am talking about both physically (the people around you) and mentally (the words you use to describe yourself). Figure out who the negative people are in your life and ask yourself if you really want them to be there or if they’re just bringing you down. If you cut out other peoples negative opinions than why not change your own thoughts to positive ones as well?. Personally I don’t really talk to people who don’t support my goals/ dreams or impact my life in a positive way anymore, I want people in my life that are happy and positive about mine and their future ahead. This doesn’t mean I won’t be there for these people if they ever need me or that I will never talk to them again, it’s just that I am deciding to focus my thoughts on different things right now. This doesn’t just mean people in your life but is also goes for people that you follow and see on Instagram or Facebook, if they’re impacting your life in a way that’s not benefiting you than stop following them and don’t take their advice!
  • You can always turn a negative into a positive You’re never stuck feeling some type of way about yourself, it might feel like that but there’s always a bright spot in the darkest room. Ask yourself what the benefits are for you to just look at the dark side of things instead of opening the curtains so the light can shine through. This is a big thing in my life right now, I am trying to find the bright side of everything that happens to me. It takes time to do this and it’s impossible to be completely perfect at this but trust me when I tell you it will brighten up your self image and day a lot more. You’re in charge of your own thoughts so why not create the positive ones while you’re at it?
  • You have one life, your own life As far as we know we only have one life on this earth, so why spoil that gift with negative self talk? I understand that in certain cases people can’t help it but I am talking to all the other people out there. What’s the difference between someone who thinks a lot of negative thoughts about themselves and the person who tries to find the light? The latter is going to enjoy their life and body way more on a day to day basis. For me it’s realizing that I have all the power to enjoy my days and it’s not up to anybody but me to tell me these things and look for the positives in everything.
  • It’s your body You only got one and it’s the only one you will ever get, so why not be appreciative of what you have instead of thinking about what you don’t have all the time? Like I said before, I am critical but happy with how my body looks and what it can do. There’s a difference between being critical and being unhappy or even a lack of confidence. It all comes down to if you’re not happy with where you’re at than it’s up to you to make the changes and put in the work.

Take these 2 things from this blog If there’re 2 things you should take away from this blog let it be this, if you’re unhappy or not confident about your body at least be appreciative of it. It does so much good for us without us even thinking about it. The second thing is, you’re in control, in control of your body, in control of feelings and in control of creating positive thoughts about yourself and if you’re not there yet than you’re in control of working on it and you will get there. To leave you with an example, if you scroll back to the start you will find the sentence: I love my body but I am critical…. That was not the original sentence there, the first time I wrote: I don’t dislike my body but I am critical. You see how changing up these words can make such a big difference in how comes across. If you felt like that was a positive change than why don’t you try it out for yourself.

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