Five 30 minute workouts you can do at home

workout 1:

workout flow: 10 push up to toe touch – 10 V-ups – 20 lunge to step up (10 on each side) – 10 squat jumps – 9 push up to toe touch – 9 V-ups – 18 lunge to step up (9 on each side) – 9 squat jumps etc. all the way down to 1. If you are not done with all the reps when minute 15 hits, that’s okay, either keep going or stop where you’re and take the 3 minutes rest before moving into the core sets.

work your way from 10 all the way down to one( 15 minute time cap)

push up to toe touch / V-ups / lunge to step up, on both sides / squat jumps

Rest 3 minutes

5 sets: 30 seconds glute bridges – 45 second glute bridge hold – 30 seconds heel touches – 45 second rest

Workout 2:

Workout flow: You perform the 3 movements back to back for 8 minutes, you try to get as many rounds in those 8 minutes as you can. 2 minutes rest after 8 minutes before you do 3 sets of the core exercises, with a 90 second break in between. After another 2 minutes rest you do another 8 minute amrap but this time with back extensions in stead of the russian twist.

8 minute amrap

12 pike push ups / 10 180 degree squat jumps / 20 russian twists

2 minutes rest, after the full 8 minutes

3 sets : 20 single leg V-ups – 10 Windshield wipers – 90 second between sets

2 minutes rest

8 minute amrap

12 pike push ups / 10 180 degree squat jumps/ 20 back extensions

back extension

Workout 3:

6 tabata’s with 1 minute rest inbetween

Workout flow: A tabata is 8 rounds of 20 second on and 10 seconds off. You complete 8 full rounds at one exercise before taking a minute break and moving on to the next one etc..

Tabata 1: burpees

Tabata 2: knee raises, on the floor

Tabata 3: star jumps/ jumping jacks

Tabata 4: push ups

tabata 5: tuck jumps

Tabata 6: mountain climbers

Workout 4

Workout flow: ”EMOM” Every Minute On The Minute, we’re going to be doing 4 different exercises. Every exercise will start at the beginning of the following minute. If the run/burpees take you 40 seconds to complete you get to rest for the following 20 second until the next minute and exercise starts. As soon as the second minute starts you start with the single leg V-ups etc.. When you finish the push ups to toe touches you get to rest until minute 6 starts, minute 6 starts with the 200 meter run. We’re going to repeat this patern 6 times, so 30 minutes. If you’re unable to complete the exercise within the minute, stop and perform a 30 second plank the next minute instead so you can recatch your breath.

30 minute EMOM

Minute 1: 200 meter run/ or 10-12 burpees

Minute 2: 20 single leg V-ups, alternating legs

Minute 3: 20 jumping lunges

Minute 4: 12-15 push ups to toe touch

Minute 5: Rest

Workout 5

Workout flow: Perform all 50 reps before moving on to the next exercise. Don’t feel pressured to go unbroken with poor technique, take a quick break when you feel like your form is getting poor. If you can’t all the exercises done within the 15 minutes, that’s okay, either keep going and finish it or stop where you’re and take the 5 minutes rest before getting into the 10 minute amrap. Perform as many rounds of the plank taps, back extension and hollow hold as you can in 10 minutes. every round end with a 45 second rest period before starting a new round.

For time (15 minute Time cap)

50 walking lunges – 50 butterfly sit ups – 50 (knee) push ups – 50 walking lunges – 50 chair/ bench dips – 50 butterfly sit ups – 50 walking lunges

Rest 5 minutes

10 minute amrap (As Many Rounds/ Reps As Possible) of:

30 plank shoulder taps (15 each side) – 20 back extensions – 10 second hollow hold – rest 45 seconds at the end of each round

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